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Technology To The Rescue

Working from home was not a new concept before 2020. However, it was not the preferred choice for most businesses. The global pandemic left the world with no option but to embrace virtual workplaces. This shift from traditional in-person offices to virtual working from the home situation was not easy.

Thankfully, we had technology to depend upon during this shift. Modern approaches like videoconferencing, cloud storage, various platforms for organized work, and data sharing made work from home possible.

Imagine running a business without keeping in touch with your employees. You can’t because it is not possible. Even the smallest of companies require regular updates, meet-ups, and briefings to know what is going on inside the workplace.

Videoconferencing takes this existing invention of video calling and group calling to the next level, facilitating appropriate tools and conditions to conduct a professional meeting virtually. The approach of videoconferencing was not developed during the COVID pandemic, but it sure got a mammoth-sized boost in its usage.

From schools and universities to small and large companies alike became heavily dependent on videoconferencing platforms that allowed the professional world to stay connected and keep track while working safely from their homes.

Platforms like Google Meet, WebEx, and Zoom are some of the most reliable videoconferencing applications that continuously update their features to accommodate the increasing demands work from home called for.

Cloud storage facilities were one of the major changes seen during the pandemic. Terabytes of data can now be backed up to cloud storage services, so you never lose and always have access to your valuable information. Cloud storage also made sharing larger documents and files easy, which is especially important in the workplace.

Technology has come a long way from the invention of the wheel. Imagining the world on lockdown without the facilities of videoconferencing, cloud storage, and others like these is not possible. Technology has redefined how we work from home and will continue to impact our lives positively for many years to come.

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