• Nancy Miller

What is “Cloud Computing” and What are Its Advantages?

Cloud computing refers to storing and accessing your data via the internet rather than utilizing server hardware on-site. There are several advantages to migrating your data from servers to the cloud.

· Cost savings: You do not have the expense of purchasing and maintaining computer hardware or employing IT personnel. The cost of the hardware and the support personnel is maintained by your cloud service provider.

· Competitive Edge: Cloud computing allows you to access the latest software promptly without the usual installation and start-up time giving you an edge on your competition.

· Back-up and Restoration: Once data is stored on the cloud, recovery of back-up data is much easier and less time-consuming.

· Productivity: Employees can work seamlessly from the cloud whether they are onsite or working remotely. Collaboration can be accomplished easily and securely.

· Storage: Cloud computing offers nearly unlimited storage capacity.

Performance of your cloud environment can vary, and that performance is largely dependent on your cloud service provider. Even the best providers can have issues with power outages and other technical issue but some things to consider when choosing a provider is bandwidth availability, security provided for your data on the cloud, and technical support availability.

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